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Johanna Kuske, M.Sc.

Universitätsstr. 91
50931 Cologne

Building: 810, Floor: 1, Room: 1.43

Telefon: +49 (0)221-470 89879

Curriculum Vitae

Johanna Kuske has been a research associate at the Professorship in Entrepreneurship and Management at the University of Cologne since January 2019. After her undergraduate studies in Psychology (B.Sc.) at the University of Groningen (Netherlands), including a semester abroad at Uppsala University, she obtained her Master’s degree in Organisational Psychology (M.Sc.) at the Alliance Manchester Business School (UK). During her studies, she gained practical experience in a business consultancy and the HR department of a multinational company. From August 2016 to December 2018, Johanna Kuske worked as an organisational psychologist for the intercultural consultancy icunet, where she specialised in psychometric assessment and learning mobility.


Research Interests

  • activation of micro- and small-sized enterprises
  • Health promotion and stress prevention


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